What’s the point of being a photographer?

by Outlaw Photographer James Michael Taylor on October 13, 2017

in This is Life

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“That’s the point of being an artist, right? You feel something and you have to get it out.” – T-Boz, of the band TLC, as interviewed by James Altucher

Some folks I visit with here on PTP are money-first: they got into professional photography to make money with their cameras.

But for the vast majority, there’s something inside that burns like embers, just waiting on a little air and fuel to ignite.

That deep internal fire – creativity, expression, vision, fulfillment – is what makes us artists. Like T-Boz says – you feel something and you have to get it out. We photographers do this with our cameras, lenses, and Photoshop.

What’s the point of being a professional photographer?

Money is good.

Creativity and service are better.

Fulfillment is best.

The resistance hits us when the art we make doesn’t come out the way we hoped, and our phone doesn’t ring with new clients. It’s a long, confusing, windy road from where we are today to the art and business we dream of making. And every time we hit an obstacle – unhappy client, panicky photo shoot, art well below our expectation – it’s like a raincloud forms and douses that fire burning inside.

“Why can’t I figure this out?”

“I shoot and I shoot, but I don’t feel like I’m getting any better.”

“I will never be as good as I dream of being.”

Do you feel like you’re running on steam right now? Or is your internal fire raging, and you just need help directing that powerful energy?

Drop me an e-mail today and I’ll help you figure out what’s next.

– James Michael

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