Top 15 Internet Marketing methods, from least to most effective, from Darketing to Arketing

by Outlaw Photographer James Michael Taylor on May 29, 2010

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Outlaw Photographer James Taylor’s list of Internet Marketing methods, from least to most effective:

Darketing – Marketing without information, a target, or a plan – completely in the dark. Least effective, and by far most common, marketing method used by businesses today.

Larketing – See ‘Darketing’ – Marketing by whim without plan or purpose.

Parketing – Hanging the shingle and assuming that, by mere fact of existence, the world will beat a path to your product.

Quarketing – Invisible marketing, most often employed by those lacking any confidence at all in their own product.

Barketing – Making a lot of noise, generally annoying the hell out of everyone. Filed under, ‘Local Car Dealers.’

Starketing – Grabbing attention at any cost to your budget or brand image. See Superbowl Ad,

Sharketing – Always moving, always looking for opportunities for attention, but never stopping to check results. Most lethal form of marketing – big spending, no measurement.

Tarketing – Using research to aim your marketing at a good target market, your ideal customer. Here’s where we make the turn to good marketing methods.

Farketing – Marketing your brand by staying in the news with good PR. See Apple Inc., Ford Motor Company; not Kanye West, Tiger Woods.

RARketing – Sometimes it’s far more profitable and easy to market your way into being Second Best.

Snarketing – Sometimes it’s also more profitable to be divisive instead of mass-market. Being the bad boy underdog can earn fierce loyalty among customers.

Embarketing – Staying fresh and exciting by frequently having something new to share with your market. A sense of adventure keeps folks tuned in.

Harketing – Marketing by listening. Social media has given your customers a voice louder than any ad campaign. Pay attention, and be responsive.

Remarketing – Strive to make your product or service completely remark-able by customers. Then let the world know what you did. Seth Godin-style, Purple Cow marketing.

Arketing – Visionary. Have the only umbrella kiosk in a rainstorm, or the only boat in a flood. Beat the game by staying three steps ahead of the other players. See Facebook, Twitter,


Cross-posted with love from a comment I made at Jeff Walker’s Internet Marketing blog.

Next Steps

  • Brainstorm session: On the above scale, what best fits the marketing you’re doing now? What can you change to move up the scale of effectiveness? Touch on each point from Tarketing to Arketing to answer the question, “What could I do to act on this marketing method?” File this in your Brainstorms folder.
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