The one thing you have to do to be a professional photographer

by Outlaw Photographer James Michael Taylor on February 16, 2017

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Emphatic doesn’t mean honest.

And passion doesn’t mean truth.

What almost anyone tells you you need to… have to… must do… is partisanship.

“You need to get a better camera or you’re not a real professional!”

“You have to be on the top social media venues multiple times every day!”

“You must do these three things [read: buy my training] or you’ll never be successful!”

Here’s your permission to let go of all that horsesh*t; the expectations, the pressure, the discouragement.

You have one requirement as a professional photographer:

Be honest.

This translates to every corner of your business:

– Don’t put art in your portfolio you can’t create with reasonable consistency.

– Don’t not perform due diligence to get legal when you start charging.

– Don’t make promises you can’t keep.

I know how scary it is to just…be honest. As a startup photographer, there’s so much fear that people will reject you if you don’t puff up your art and abilities and presence to look bigger, better than you feel you are. These are the same fears we had as teenagers trying to act smarter, stronger, prettier, and more confident than we really felt.

Separate yourself from those masks and expectations.

Let your unique, worthy, true light shine.

And let your community see the reality of you and your art, so those who are in alignment with you today – and this will change with time and growth – can choose to be blessed by your work, today.

This is the secret to peace as a professional photographer.


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