“I feel guilty making the same photos for different clients…”

by Outlaw Photographer James Michael Taylor on September 27, 2017

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PTP reader Aimee writes:

Hey there – I finally had a light bulb go off (and it’s ‘easier’ to ask here than in one of the thousands of social media platforms where I would be subject to potentially hundreds of different opinions…): I think I overthink changing things up with every single shoot.

I try so hard to find different, unique spots and different poses but maybe that’s not even necessary? Sadly to the point where it causes a lot of undue stress. Do I really need two dozen ‘go-to’ spots and countless different poses to pick from?

I know exactly how Aimee feels – I’ve felt guilty about repeating the same photo with different clients, especially at the same location. Not very creative of me!

But that said…

There’s a fence line at the City Park in Bandera, Texas, and I have shot hundreds of the exact same photo on that fence line. Kids, seniors, families, couples.

Not only has no one never complained…I’ve had many ask me, “I love this photo you made with the Smith family. Can we shoot there, too?”

It’s the inside ball thing…

Us photographers cus and spit and holler about a thousand topics that mean absolutely nothing to our clients.

At least when you’re early-stage, consistency beats creativity. Far more important that I can consistently reproduce one, three, ten specific shots with any client, than to be ‘wildly creative’ and fresh with every single client. If I’ve got an hour with a client, I’ll spend 45 minutes getting my must-have shots, then 15 minutes just freestyling and having fun.

Aimee told me this advice was exactly what she needed to hear.

“I only wish I would have saved myself a few extra gray hairs and realized this much sooner in this journey… I feel like I was nearly killing myself with trying to be fresh every – single – time. Those days are officially over!”

What internal stories are holding you back from growing your art and business with peace and grace?

E-mail me today and let me know.

– James Michael

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