About PartTimePhoto.com

My intentions are specific: I want to help you make money with part time photography.

I want to use my knowledge, experience, and talent for writing and communicating and inspiring to help you enjoy making money through part time photography.

No matter where you’re starting from, opportunities exist to make good money through part time photography. Whether that money is to pad savings, pay down debt, enable other life goals, or just make some fun money, you can start from anywhere and begin pocketing some cash with photography.

There are thousands of resources online for growing your artistic and business acumen. The internet is a great place to gather information, but finding, organizing, and making use of the best of it can be an incredible challenge.

I want to provide you with the artistic and business knowledge you need to make money with your photography. Whether you’re a talented amateur or a know-nothing newbie, everything you need to get started you’ll find within these pixelated walls.

Everything I have to offer comes from first-hand experience. I have run my own successful photography business in rural Bandera, Texas, (population: 957) for 10 years now as a second, part-time job. My day job is as the sports editor for my hometown newspaper. Journalists are paid in peanuts and disdain, so my photography business has helped me hit my financial and life goals.

Doing part time photography for fun and money has been great for my life. I’ve met awesome people, made many friends, grown as an artist and businessman, and all the while, been paid well throughout.

I want to help you and as many others as I can to enjoy the same success.

Whatever your inspiration for exploring the world of photography as a profession, part time or otherwise, I hope the writings you find here at PartTimePhoto.com will bring you great benefit.

Please don’t hesitate to post comments, e-mail or call if there is any way I can help. Your success is my success.